- Value Conception :
Eager intention to bring forth new ideas. Keep forging ahead positively. Create the No.1 quality .

- Spirit :
The thought of bringing forth-new ideas, make the company promoted continuously. Company depends
on the benefit, benefit depends on the quality, quality depends on the staff, and staff depends on the
company. We are at the base of the staff, develop and bring forth new ideas, study hard and rouse upward.

- Manage Philosophy :
We should make great effort to create high lift for customers.

- Manage Aim :
We should service every customer heart and soul.

- Slogan :
“The key's key is quality, the emphasis's emphasis is staff.”
“We work only truly, but not falsely”
“If the company have no good products, the staff must have no good lift”
“Leading to consuming is better than promoting to consume”.

- Action Standard :
We should work with all ourselves heart, rouse and strong.

- Zero Point Culture :
Achievement belongs to before. The starting point is Zero forever. We must realize “Produce is Zero spare.
Work is Zero Mistakable. Quality is Zero shortcoming. The flowing of the products is Zero reserve. Service
is Zero request. It is Zero distance between company and customers”